Monday, August 9, 2010

Who Do You Spend Your Time With?

Ever aspired to be depressed? If you make a list of life's best achievements, do you include becoming a permanent resident on someday isle? When you make out your daily to do list does it include hanging out by the coffee pot gossiping with fellow associates, or spending time one on one with a person who does nothing but complain about how the world has dealt him a lousy hand? Feeling too familiar with any statements in this first paragraph or was your response who would want to live life like that?

Think of a bright and inspiring person, what thoughts come to mind? Usually, I'd like to know them better is in the mix. Have you noticed that when you attend most good educational courses you leave with many fresh ideas and a boost in attitude? Ever heard, you are what you think about?

If you hang out with negative people your thoughts are likely to mirror theirs over time. Spend time with those people who have a positive can do attitude and your thoughts are likely to be lifted.

Take a look at the people you associate with most and make a list. Does the list included mostly positive personal relationships in both the work place and social environments? Also remember, to have a good friends, you must first be a great friend. Consider expanding your sphere of contacts to include those who inspire you!

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