Saturday, August 7, 2010

Features To Highlight When Selling Your Home.

According to recent surveys, there are some fairly distinctive must haves for home buyers. For sellers trying to compete in this tough housing market, these findings can help emphasize some of the best features in their home to highlight in a listing to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

Top 5 Things to Highlight:

1. Master Bedroom - The number one must have for buyers. Master suites are very appealing to buyers,. Be sure to take photos that show the entire suite, bathroom and discribe the master in all marketing materials plus the MLS listing.

2. Parking - This is the most highly rated feature and the lack of parking is an eliminating factor for home buyers. If you have parking, be sure to emphasize that and provide photos of the garage.

3. Guest room - Guest rooms were the third most highly rated feature for buyers according to the survey, and too many listings show only the master.

4. The yard - A small yard is the third most common reason to rule out a possible home according to surveys. If the house has a yard, be sure to show it in the photos and highlight it in the listing.

5. Location/street noise-It's often hard to tell from a listing whether a house is on a busy street (deal breaker) or a quiet cul-de-sac (big wish). Be sure to emphasize this if it is indeed an asset.

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