Friday, November 11, 2011

Buying A Home During The Holidays In Northern Kentucky.

The holiday season is fast approaching once again. In Northern Kentucky that often means cold weather, rain, and snow. Yet the weather and a few holidays won't keep a good buyer down. There are great deals to be had in this part of the country during the holiday season. Buying a home doesn't always happen on your schedule. It may take weeks or months to find the perfect house. Maybe you need to move suddenly because of a new job opportunity, or to be closer to elderly parents. Buying happens for many reasons and the point is it is during every month of the year, not just the warm ones. Still, buying a home during the holidays can be challenging if you're a family. If you have children, then here are some tips to make a move during the holidays a big deal in a good way!

Children usually follow the lead of their parents. If you are depressed about missing out on family holiday traditions or make daily comments about the bad luck of buying during the holidays, your children will likely pick up on this. First step is to adjust your attitude by focusing on the positive aspects of the move.

Second, get the kids involved. Will the childs new room be awesome? Talk up all the great parks, restaurants, and attractions of the new location over meals when the family comes together. Older children may be more hesitant, especially if you're moving away from their school or friends. Do research to find out more on malls, sports teams, and youth activities that your child may be interested in. Also consider rewarding children for good behavior during a move. Let them select the decor for their new room or have one extra pizza night this week.

Communication is key for getting through a move, regardless of the time of year. Have a family meeting to discuss concerns and fears or have one on one talks with each kid to assess their feelings.

Finally, make every attempt to keep traditions alive. This is important for adults and children alike. If your family loves having a Christmas tree, then you might have to set it up twice this year, once at your current home and then quickly again when you first arrive in your new home.

Boxes and chaos aside, you can still sit down for a fun family dinner or for an evening of singing songs and opening presents. Keep your traditions alive and your move this holiday season will be an easy one!

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