Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tips To Help Make Moving Fun For The Entire Family.

Is your family getting ready to move? Moving can be one of life's most stressful events and for kids this truth is even amplified. To a child moving can be intimidating, scary and confusing.

Here are some things you can do to make moving fun for the entire family.

1. New family favorite Places: Most families have a favorite restaurant, park, or place to hang out. Search out some new favorites in the new neighborhood.

2. Movie night: Watching one of your family's favorite movies together can make your new house feel more familiar. Order a pizza or two and watch a movie together to help the family forget about the day's stresses while enjoying each others company.

3. Camp Out: Turn the negative into a positive. When your beds are packed, camp out on your living room floor. This can be a great adventure for the kids. Plus, sleeping in the same space can be reassuring to young children.

4. Have A Positive Attitude: Being upbeat about the move and changes will put your children at ease. Your attitude has a big effect on your kids' state of mind.

5. Explore a little: Your new neighborhood has new things to offer! The best way to experience these things are on foot. Take a walk with the whole family. This also gets your kids acquainted with where they are and where your house is.

6. Routines: Pack your favorite snacks, toys, and security objects in your overnight suitcase so that they're ready for use as soon as you arrive in your new home. Routines and favorite things are what keep the family balanced on most days. Moving can temporarily disrupt that. Do your best to keep your families routines throughout the move.

7. Travel Essentials: Road trips usually means it's time to pack games, movies, and snacks. Nothing is worse than a bored or hungry member of the family on a road trip!

8. Communicate: Your children should be given the opportunity to voice any fear or frustration they may have. Be sure to sit down with each child and talk about the move to get a feel for what it means to them.

9. Acceptance: Even a well planned move can be stressful. Moving is a disruption of our daily lives. It will serve you well to simply accept that challenges will arise, but know that you will get through them.

Remember moving doesn't have to be a negative time for your children. Use the steps above to help make it a positive experience for the whole family.

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