Monday, January 31, 2011

Negotiating When Buying A Home.

Almost everything can be negotiable when buying a home. Here's a partial list of what's negotiable when buying a home:

Price •Financing
Closing costs (except where specified by financing or law)
Occupancy (When can you get the key and move in?)
Painting (Will the seller repaint a portion of or the entire house?)
Repairs (Will the seller repair the roof, plumbing, windows, etc., and what kind and quality of repairs will be made?)
Yard (Will the seller remove unwanted trees, bushes - put in desired landscaping?)
Fixtures (Which lights, fans, appliances, etc. stay and which go?)
Wall coverings (Do the drapes stay or go?)
Furniture (Will the seller include certain pieces?)
Prepaid taxes and insurance (Will the seller credit you with these?)

Negotiation gives the buyer incredible power in making a favorable transaction. Not negotiating can also place him or her in a position of immense weakness. Negotiation can determine whether you get the home of your dreams or whether those dreams end up being a nightmare.

Ultimately, how you fare when buying a home is going to be a direct result of your Realtors knowledge. The more he/she knows, the better position you'll be in to negotiate for the home of your dreams.

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