Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living Your Life By Choice Or Chance?

Every morning a mayor in a small town received a phone call in which he was asked the time of day. One day, the Mayor asked the mysterious caller why he called every day to ask the correct time. The answer? "I'm the Fire Chief. I'm responsible for blowing the town whistle every day at noon and just want to be sure I have the right time when I do it." With a chuckle, the Mayor replied, "Here at the court house, we set our watches and clocks by the town whistle!"

If you have ever watched children in a school yard you'll notice the same thing. Children watch the child perceived to be the leader and then mimic those actions. They never realize that odds are the other child is following the lead of still another.

This poses the question, how will your day play out? Have you made your own original choices for the day, or will you be playing follow the follower? Either way, by bedtime tonight you will have been awake for about 16 hours and involved in some activity. Why not end each day with thanks and gratitude knowing that whatever you accomplished was by your choice, not chance?

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