Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten Items To Include In The Final Walk Through Of Your New Home.

During your home buying process there will come a time when you'll want to do a final walk through before closing. These walk through items can apply to both new and existing homes.

Several days before you close take the time to visit your new home again. While there check to be sure that the terms of the contract have been met and that the condition of the property has not changed since negotiations began.

Take your purchase contract with you for the walk through. This will help you look for details without having to remember each individual item.

What are some things you should be looking for?

1. The Exterior: Has there been any damage to the home since your inspection? If there have been storm with high winds and rain be sure to visually inspect the exterior of the house for damage.

2. Systems: Does the air conditioning, heating and plumbing still all function?

3. Appliances: Be sure that any appliances that were to remain in the home are still there, are the original ones in the contract and are in good working order. You would be surprised how many people try to swap out a newer refrigerator for an older one.

4. Repairs: As part of your purchase contract, the seller may have been required to make specific repairs. Be sure that these have been completed because after the closing you will not have much leverage in getting the work done.

5. Walls and floors: Was there any damage done to the floors or walls during the sellers move? Were rugs, pictures, or carpets covering damage that was not disclosed?

6. Remote Controls: Garage doors, alarms, and most sound systems all use remotes, some of which can be very expensive. If any of these items were part of your agreement be sure they have been kept with the house.

7. Cleanliness: The home should have been cleaned and any debris removed. Do you want to spend the first week in your new home cleaning up other people's junk? My guess is you don't.

8. Storm Windows: If it is the season for these to be in storage, be sure they have been left behind and that they are in good shape.

9. Landscaping: Believe it or not some sellers may try to run off with some shrubs or plants. Refer back to your contract to see what should have stayed.

10. Fixtures: Lights, curtains and other items that were agreed upon should still be in the home. If they are not let your agent address the conflict before the closing.

The time around your closing may be hectic. Make time for your final walk-through.

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