Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creating Your Home Retreat

You might find yourself day dreaming of calming tropical beaches when life gets hectic but sometimes it's just not that easy to get away. That's why it's important to create a no-frills retreat in the most accessible place most of us have, our home.

Find a quiet room or corner to designate as your in home oasis. Even if it's not an entire room, be sure your oasis has a different feel than the rest of the house. If it's a section of a room, invest in a partitian to separate it from the rest of the area. Make sure it's away from technology, including telephones, computers or the television. Leave the BlackBerry in the other room too!

Soothing colors can help add relaxing ambiance. Experts recommend pale greens or neutrals such as taupe or beige. Avoid jarring, energetic shades such as yellow or red. If you do decide to add color, keep it monochromatic so vivid contrasts aren't distracting.

Get rid of all the clutter. Then set up a big, comfy armchair and a small table that's just big enough for a mug of your favorite drink, perhaps a plate of food and a lamp. Less is more when decorating for stress relief. Add serene family photos to the walls so you'll be surrounded by the ones you love, and consider placing scented candles in the area. Choose scents such as lavender, sandalwood or sage, which can have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Last be sure to make an appointment with yourself daily to take time to relax, reflect and think.

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