Friday, April 2, 2010

Decorate Your Home Like A Pro

Walking into a well-designed model home that's been skillfully constructed and then professionally staged provokes emotion, draws you into the home, and makes you want to stay forever. Deal done. Contract signed. Home purchased.

Most of us selling our homes though aren't starting from scratch. With spring in the air though many homeowners get the itch to remodel or at least redesign the interior of their homes both for comfort, greater marketability and value when they place their homes for sale. For some, interior decorating is a fun, exciting process but for others, it's challenging and causes a lot of stress. There are some simple tips
to make the process easier.

The first important tip is to narrow down the options. Find something in your home that's really working for you. Once you discover that then all the other materials and products brought into the home support the style or theme that's already working in your home. Then it's a matter of just building on top of that. Another vital tip is to begin with one room, complete it and then move to the next. Keep a notebook handy and fill it with ideas, wish list, color schemes, room themes, notes, receipts, and other information necessary for your home decorating project.

In the world of interior decorating, not all changes are equal. For instance, let's work on the kitchen because this is a high-interest level for buyers and for homeowners. In the kitchen, cabinets are very important in homes because they're furniture that you don't change. Since cabinets will stay in your home for a long time, choosing the right finish is a big part of creating the overall look and feel of a well-decorated room. Experts recommend neutral colors that provide a solid base to build on. Then color in back-splashes, countertops, and flooring really coordinates and perks things up in the room without becoming overwhelming.

Cabinets, countertops, flooring, and back-splashes are just part of the overall look. Next comes the furniture and that adds a style and colorful dimension that must be considered when making interior decorating changes.

Another great way to add appeal to a home and tie in the cabinets is with a custom range hood. There are many different looks but, if you don't overlook the hood, you'll find that you can blend your entire kitchen together in a seamless fashion by integrating colors, textures, and design with a hood. Rather than a stainless steel hood, a custom hood in a subtle finish can soften the feel of the kitchen and integrate well with the cabinets.

In any redecorating, remember functionality and aesthetic appeal should be equal parts to create a design that's comfortable and inviting. Getting expert help can make the process go faster and flawlessly.

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